Monday, December 13, 2010

fudge, fancy, hoopster, snow, sweaters, and a program

I forgot to add this picture in last week's post, but I thought it was too cute to pass up.

Making fudge with Papa! And not just any fudge - super duper yummy chocolate peanut butter fudge that we pour over ice cream and leave the rest in the pan so we can snack on it the next day. Yum. I'd love to give you the recipe, but there's not one. Chad once asked for it and this is the answer he got, "Well, you just put in some cocoa, some peanut butter, some sugar, etc. until it looks right." Thanks. Very helpful. ;)


We've been having a lot of fun with our Advent Calendar. Last week (or was it 2 weeks ago now?), one of the days said to dress up fancy for dinner that night. And the girls got to pick out their own dresses!
What a coincidence since Daddy had to wear a tie to work that day anyways... or did Mommy realize how hard it would be to get Daddy to dress up for dinner if he wasn't already in a tie.... ;)
I was just planning on wearing a normal, churchy dress, but then I pulled this little number out of my closet (from my brother's wedding). The girls were thrilled to see that Mommy was dressed like a princess too!


Last week Addie was asked by her teacher to shoot baskets during the varsity girls basketball game.
There were only 2 kids chosen from her class, so it was a pretty big honor. She loved every minute of it and Mommy and Daddy were so proud. :)


Saturday morning, we woke up to this nightmare sight:
Our first snow of the season! Of course the girls were thrilled and wanted to get in it right away! So Daddy and Baba became reindeer and pulled them around the yard.

Millie discovered that icy slides + snow pants = super fast fun!
Then Saturday night we were pelted with more snow and blustery winds. Enough to cancel church Sunday morning.


Saturday night (yes, blizzard night - and we drove 30 minutes away... smart, I know...) was our annual Ugly Sweater Party with our Young Families class at church. Ladies, look out. The following picture might make you just a teensy bit jealous of me... but remember - he's taken.
I know... hot, right? Don't say I didn't warn you.
That sweater vest was actually my dad's that he wore on dates with my mom. If you look closely, you can see brown fringe. Awesome. I'm pretty sure Dad didn't wear a wife beater under it though... But hey, Chad did win a nice prize out of the deal! I was lazy this year and just wore a Grandma Christmas sweatshirt that I had given my mom. This was the first year I didn't make our own sweaters. If you wanna see last year's doozies, click here.

We finished out the week with a lovely church Christmas program. The girls did awesome. And of course we had to pose in front of the ginormous tree.

The following video is for Nana and Papa since they couldn't be there (Although some of my friends might catch glimpses of their little ones on here too). Be sure to listen for Millie (she's the loudest on the last songs, you can't miss her). At one point she's singing a whole beat behind the rest - loudly. Well, we did tell her to sing loudly so we could hear her. She must've decided that singing her own tune would help her stand out too. ;) We tried to get video of Addie, but we could mostly just get her eyes. Sorry for the shakiness in the middle of her part, we were trying to get a better angle, but failed. :(


Lenae said...

Cute pictures! And I love the Christmas card in your sidebar -- you have a beautiful family!

(Oh, and that fudge! Yum! How I wish you had a recipe for it. I just might have to dump stuff into a pot and see if I can come up with something :D)

H-Mama said...

My sugar just spiked from reading about all that fudge! ha.

The "date-vest" is crackin' me up.

Such a picture perfect shot of you guys in front of the tree! Beautiful.

Dressing up fancy for dinner... Love it. :)

laney said...

Glad I'm not the only one who hangs on to some of my old bridesmaid dresses. I still have that one from Trent and Lyd's wedding too...only I don't still fit into mine as easily as you seem to be able to get into yours ; )Love the pics around the Christmas tree!

peter marie said...

Oh little Millie and her voice...just the sweetest thing ever!!

What a cute video. Thanks for sharing it. Our pictures turned out horribly!! (and don't want to miss all that Henry-nose-pickin'!)

Nikkers said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful fun December. Love the dress up for dinner idea. The fudge sounds amazing. I finally had to put our extra Christmas Candy in the freezer. I kept nibbling on it.

Amy Kramer said...

Katie... you are too cute! :)

The video was awesome. I watched it with a huge smile on my face!

Looks like you guys are having a fun December!!

Hyacynth said...

HAHAHAH!! That picture of you and hubs in the ugly sweaters has me rolling laughing over here. That one he's wearing is a gem. A gem, I tell you.
Signed, the woman who has been going to ugly Christmas sweater parties and getting way too much enjoyment from the whole experience for almost a decade.
{I've got some doosies, too. <--- is doosie a word?}

Also, you looked beautiful all princessed up. :)