Monday, December 6, 2010

just a spoonful of sugar

This weekend, Chad's parents drove down to take to the girls (and us!) to see Mary Poppins to fulfill their birthday present.

 Of course, it was AMAZING!

We had great seats (definitely the closest I've ever been in that auditorium!), but the best part was that Mary Poppins flew directly over our heads.  Not kidding.  As she was flying off the stage, we realized she was headed right at us.  I watched the girls' faces light up as they whispered, "She's flying right towards us!"  And she did.  In fact, I could see directly up her skirt.  Good thing she was wearing a full petticoat.

Addie later told me that she knew Mary had some help flying.  She stated that she knew her umbrella was on a wire and that Mary was hanging onto that very tightly, which is how she could fly.  She also told me that it was probably pretty scary for Mary because if she let go of the umbrella, she would fall a long ways down.  Good thing she didn't let go.  ;)  But the funniest conversation we had went something like this:

 Addie: "I asked Nana how Mary could fly and she told me it was magic, but even I know it wasn't magic, Mom."
Me: "Well, honey, she was probably just trying to play along to make it more fun for you."
Addie:  "No, mom.  She was serious.  I could tell by her voice."
Maybe I should've corrected her, but it was too fun letting her think Nana believes in magic.  Sorry, Nana.  ;)

Before we opened our Advent calendar door today, Millie asked me if it was going to say that we were going to Mary Poppins again.  I guess she liked it too.

So, thanks Nana and Papa B. for the wonderful time!  We all loved it!  I even caught Chad tapping his toes and singing along too.  :)


Julie said...

Looks like lots of fun!

Nicole said...

I can't wait to go Saturday!!

Lenae said...

Cute, and how fun! Love that Addie thought her grandma was being totally serious about Mary flying; what a sweetheart!

Hyacynth said...

Hehe. I love their little brains. Also, your girls are stinkin' cute!!
Also, five hours is nothing for an afternoon of crafting, right? ;)

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Ok. Seriously. Can those girls get any more adorable? I looove their dresses!!

Deborah said...

Sooooo fun and I loved reading your little girls' comments and thoughts on it. They are ADORABLE in their Christmas dresses!
My boys favorite movie is Mary Poppins. They would have loved this. :)