Thursday, April 15, 2010

picture day!

With these outfits:

and these kids:

what could possibly go wrong?

The kids are excited to get their pictures taken this afternoon!
I'm just praying that the rain will hold off so we can get some good outdoor shots.  You know... bare feet, rolling in the grass, all that good stuff.  At least we'll be here if the weather doesn't cooperate!

On a side note... my wonderful mother-in-law is flying in tomorrow!  However, I'm a little concerned that she's going to be mad at me... She hasn't seen Tate since Christmas and she told me to not let him get too big...

Hmmm... here he is at Christmas:

And here he is now:

So, did I succeed... or fail miserably?  ;)

Can't wait to see you, Nana B and Uncle Mark!


Sarah said... pressure, right? ;) Love those outfits, Katie...just LOVE them! I always thought those little girl halters were darling...and yellow...adoring it this spring! I'm thinking we just might get some fun outdoor looks like it might drip a bit, BUT here's hoping! We can still meet at the Botanical Center and take some outside ones first, then if we need to we can go in. :) Yay! Can't wait...and thanks for the link, friend!

Wendi@Every Day Miracles said...

Ohhhh!! Can't wait to see the pictures. Those outfits are amazing.

peter marie said...

Those outfits are A-dorable!! Where did you get them?? They'll be so cute..can't wait to see the pics!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Oh mylanta...those outfits are ADORABLE! Did you buy them together? I've always been curious where people find matching brother/sister outfits. Can't wait to see pictures!!

Katie@The Baby Factory said...

Those outfits are fan-tastic!! So adorable! The dresses are soooo cute and I love white pants on little boys. For dress purposes only. Any other purpose would be a waste of time :)

Elizabeth said...

Uh, you failed miserably....he grew a TON! He's like TWO Christmas-Tates now! But he's so stinking cute that I think your Mother-in-law will forgive you.

Oh my goodness those outfits are PRECIOUS! They are going to look so cute/handsome! Can't wait to see the pics.
And for good measure - "rain, rain, STAY AWAY!"

une autre mère said...

Aw, thanks ladies! And for those inquiring minds... the dresses are from Kohl's and Tate's shirt was found in his drawer. Pretty sure it's either a Henry or Levi original. :) The white pants (and yes, only for special occasions!) were his Easter pants from the Children's Place. Gotta love that store... *sigh*

The Sneaky Mommy said...

So cute! Sarah takes amazing pictures...mix that with your cute kids and I think success is guaranteed!
Tate must have set some growth record since Christmas! He is SO cute riding around in his seat at church throwing big grins to everyone!

Amy Kramer said...


The kids AND the outfits.

You have great taste... in kids and outfits! ;) hehe

I wonder if "Sarah" travels up to MN ever?!?!?! :)