Tuesday, March 23, 2010

there's an app for that?

I did it.  I sent my first text.  And I didn't even use a phone to do it.  I know, I know... my first text?  What... am I living in the 90's?  Why yes.  Yes I am and I don't think there's anything wrong with that.  The 90's rock.  And to all you high schoolers out there... the 90's were much cooler than the 80's.  Trust me.  So let's stop trying to bring back 80's fashion, okay?  Thanks.

Anyways, I have had a cell phone for awhile now, but it's pre-paid.  Remember, I'm 100% Dutch and my husband is 100% Frugal so between the two of us, we didn't like the idea of having a monthly cell bill.  And besides, I'm a stay-at-home mom, so why pay a hefty cell bill when I can just use my home phone?

But the problem was texting.  I could text on my prepaid phone, but it would add up quickly, so I just never did it.  And I never checked my texts either.  Sorry all my texting friends for never responding to your texts, for never knowing what's going on, and often responding "huh?" when asked if I'd received your messages.  My "adult" friends understand this, but not my young friends, and being a youth sponsor at our church, I have quite a few young friends.

So, I resolved the problem.  I bought an iPod Touch.  Just a one-time purchase of the device and no monthly bill.  And there's a free texting app that I downloaded and can text anyone for free!  The only catch is that I have to be somewhere with Wi-Fi, which shouldn't be a big deal since I have it at home and most places I go to will probably have it.

Now my question to all you with iPhones and iPod Touches is... what are your favorite apps?  I've heard several of you talking about cool ones, but honestly... I never really paid attention since I couldn't use them.  But now I want to know!

Let me know your favorite app!


Katie@The Baby Factory said...

Okay, so I totally text, but I did NOT know you could text on an Ipod Touch.....this may just change my life completely.

Elizabeth said...

I have no idea what app to tell you about cuz I am unfortunately NOT an i-anything owner. I'm a little jealous! So happy that you got a new toy. I'm even going to text you to tell you how cool you are. PLUS, now you can sign up for all those AWESOME services where you can get a text a day - your horoscope, your lucky love number, etc. Plus, you can text questions to a certain number like "does he like me?" and you'll get a REAL answer back. Just kidding, but have you seen the commercials for those?!? Ha ha.

The Sneaky Mommy said...

OOOO!!! Congratulations!!! I LOVE all the fun apps...and being cheap myself, I mean FREE apps! My favorite foodie apps are AllRecipes, Epicurious, Whole Foods, and for fun, mobiQpons...I also have several that I love for the kids! I'll have to sit by you sometime rather than write you a book! One more...the GAP app often has discount codes.

peter marie said...

Fancy katie!! I use rj's, but have no idea about any of the apps. I sure love it though!

Jenny said...

I never text, only use my (ancient) cell phone to talk, no camera on it...nothing. I'm so dwelling in the 90's and so okay with it!!! hahahaha!

Amy Kramer said...

OK... if you're living in the 90's, then I'm back in the 70's. (eventhought I wasn't even born yet...) What's an Ipod touch? (is that what you called it?) And can you give us an idea of what the investment is? I want to text, too! :)

une autre mère said...

Well, Amy, the investment might seem steep, but we had a nice tax refund and the promise that I would put all my birthday money into savings (in July!). The smallest one is $195, the middle sized one is $295 and the biggest one is $395. However, we bought the medium one and got it for $260 on Amazon, so check there first. On this one, we can put all of our CDs on it and then sell them at our garage sale so we can save some space in our living room!

H-Mama said...

Yay! It's always great to meet another mommy blogger friend! :)

Hubs just bought me an iPhone (I figured it was a fair exchange since he told me we were moving and I'd be giving up my house ;)
My favorite apps are: USA Today, Sol Free, FB, Shazam, Shape-LBD, Pandora, Jumbline, Local...ncerts, Spark Recipes, Whole Foods, etc. My girls like Word Girl, Tic Tac Free, Penny Me, Brain Quest, etc. Hope that helps ;)