Monday, March 29, 2010

a new addition

No, it's not a fourth baby (although I know some of you were wishing for that...)

We're getting a puppy!
This one, in fact:
Isn't he cute?  
We went to see him Sunday afternoon and he was only 5 days old!  So, of course we won't have him for another 7-8 weeks.

And then he'll probably look a little more like this:
but with a white chest and maybe some white around his mouth and tips of his paws.

Adeline has been begging for a dog for a LONG time.  Little did she know we were thinking of getting one anyways.  But we did really well at keeping it a secret.  On the way to see the puppy yesterday we told the girls that we were going to see some puppies just for fun.  After they saw the brand new baby puppies and got to hold the bigger ones, we asked them if they thought it'd be fun to have one.  Their eyes lit up and they were shocked!  It was so fun to see the excitement on their faces.

Now we just have to settle on a name.  Addie has already started a list.  Yesterday we asked Millie what she thought a good boy name was and she said "Jesus."  Welllll..... hmmm... how do you respond to that?  "Yes, we love Jesus, don't we Millie?" was the best we could come up with, hoping she would drop it.  But then today when we were talking about names again, right away she said, "Jesus!"  Hey, at least she knows Jesus is a good name!  And I think Jesus probably thought that was pretty cute.  But don't worry, we would never name our dog that.  Totally inappropriate.  Hopefully she'll get over it soon.

What breed is this, you ask?
Cockapoo.  A mix between a cocker spaniel and poodle.
Chad has done a ton of research to make sure we get just the right dog that...
A. is good with kids
B. doesn't shed
C. isn't very big
D. has a sweet disposition
E. is intelligent so we can easily train it
The Miniature Goldendoodle was our first choice, but we didn't have an extra $1000 lying around, so the Cockapoo seemed like the next best choice for our family.

We are super excited and I'm sure over these next 7-8 weeks I will answer the question, "Mom, when do we get our puppy" like 7,000 times.


Elizabeth said...

Yeah! Your new addition will be so fun. Please don't rule out Zeke though - it's not too late. He's sweet, well-trained, LOVES kids, and 105 lbs. But he THINKS he's a little lapdog. He's free. Ha ha; our boys love him.
I think Jesus is a great name. Ryan suggests Moses (because he thinks Moses = Jesus, but we're still working on that). You could be sick and twisted like some friends of ours and name the dog "Kitty".

Mama Foster said... are braver than me! i am so not a pet person...but that puppy does look pretty cute!

i had a friend name her dog obadiah and they called him Obie...i thought that was a pretty cute name...if i were ever going to have a dog...which im not.

Wendi@Every Day Miracles said...

Oh my... the cuteness is killin' me! :) Love the pup.

Amy@My Front Porch said...

My aunt and uncle had a cockapoo! It was the cutest thing ever. Enjoy your new addition :)