Thursday, March 11, 2010

the aftermath

Dear Winter Storms of '09-'10,

First of all, thank you for leaving.  You are gone... right?  And thank you for finally taking the snow away.  Finally.

But, was it really necessary to leave this behind?

or this?

We know... it's partially our fault for choosing to keep these huge, messy trees around.  But their shade in the summer is completely worth it.

So, Winter Storms, I guess what I'm saying is... please don't come back.  Especially this year, but preferably - NEVER.  Get that?  You're not welcome here.  

We can survive completely fine without you.

Girl Whose Back is Aching at the Thought of Picking Up All Those Branches

P.S.  Notice that beautiful green grass?  That's right.  Spring is here.  You are over.  Take that!


peter marie said...

Yeah, I love that the snow is melting, but what a mess! It will be nice when it's all gone and it's just GREEN.

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Good bye snow, for sure! or fo sho...gotta <3 college girls! We don't have lovely big trees, but we certainly have a lot of trash appearing out of those snow drifts! I'm thinking of paying a penny for every piece of trash picked up...I'll be a hero to three kids!

Elizabeth said...

Since Sneaky started the gansta talk, I'll keep it rollin.
Word! It looks like a tornado hit your yard. Whazzup wit dat?
You were a little harsh on winter, do ya think?

This Heavenly Life said...

Ah, but that'll be an EXCITING and ENTERTAINING morning project for your littles...stick bouquets, anyone? Stick piles? Stick trading? Stick...wait. I'm out of ideas...

Jeremy Bergwerff said...

How quickly you forget all of your pining away for the ability (and reason) to be outside! Now think of the HOURS and HOURS that you get to spend in the sunshine with the nice fresh Iowa breezes. The birds chirping and the little bugs humming and your girls not obeying your instructions to put the sticks IN the pile and not take them OUT to hit each other with...

Well, at least that is what my kids would do.