Friday, August 7, 2009


I had my Dr.'s appointment this afternoon and have good news and bad news.  The good news is that I'm now 3 centimeters and the baby is measuring normal - weighing in at a little over 6 pounds (which I've learned not to trust after they were completely off on Addie's ultrasound - was told later that they can be 2 pounds off!).  The baby is also still a boy, which is good news since I've already sold most all our baby girl clothes and started stocking up on boy stuff.

The bad news is... the baby is now breech.  Ugh.  Last week the doctor said he felt his head was down.  But I do have a lot more amniotic fluid that normal, so he may just like to swim around in there.  I'm praying that he turns again before next Wednesday.  I have an "external version" scheduled for 7:00 am next Wednesday at Iowa Methodist Hospital.  The doc will come in and try and turn the baby externally, which I've heard is extremely painful.  The bummer too is that it only works in 50% of attempts and even if it does work, the baby can flip again before labor.  But the doctor thinks it's worth a try to avoid a C-section.  It can also put me into labor whether or not the baby turns, so they'll keep me in the hospital for a few hours afterwards to monitor me and the baby.

So, please pray that this baby turns on his own.  I'm really nervous right now about turning him manually.  And if you have any tips for helping him turn, let me know!  I know one of my friends mentioned putting headphones on the lower part of her tummy and playing music and her baby actually flipped!  Anything's worth a try!


Katie said...

i'm with you....ugh....when I was hoping the boys would turn, I googled how to get a baby to turn.....there is a lot out there that you can try yourself!

une autre mère said...

Katie, did they end up turning on their own?

Amy said...

Ugh is right!

Katie said...

Yes, they did--actually, I had a pregnancy massage, and I think that's when they actually turned. So, double bonus for me! A massage and no c-section!

(pregnancy massage is a regular massage, but you get to lay on a big pillow that has a place for you tummy--the MedSpa @ the hospital in Osky has one--you should come down--I think massages are like 45/hr)