Tuesday, August 11, 2009

jewelry bash!

About a week and a half ago I held my 3rd Annual Jewelry Bash that I've done every year since I started my Premier Designs business.  This year 39 ladies came, so it was a huge success!  I know they were just there for the prizes and the chance to win $100 free jewelry!  :)  And since there were so many, this was the first year I've had to hold it outdoors.  However, I'm thinking I should reserve a room somewhere for next year's party, because I was awfully nervous all day hoping it wouldn't rain!  Enjoy a few pics!

My Sample Jewelry table - all items were 50% off.  Sold about 3/4 of what I had out there!

The prize table - Every 7 minutes, I had a timer go off and I'd draw a ticket for someone to pick a prize off this table.  The tote bags are always such a hit, so I made sure to have a TON this year!  That's mainly what you see folded up on the left side of the table.

The consolation prize table - for those whose name wasn't drawn.  But at least they didn't go home empty handed!

The beautiful jewelry!  Oh, and incase you're wondering... Theresa Hill was the lucky winner of the $100 in free jewelry.

The setup before everyone arrived!

Some of my beautiful guests.

Not sure what I'm doing here... trying to fly?  Good luck with that big belly...

Playing a passing game.  Keep it going, Londa.

Diana looks pretty excited!

Not the best pic of me, but the only one I have of my lovely assistant Gina.  Without her, I would've been a wreck!  She helped with checking people in, handing out tickets, drawing names every 7 minutes, taking pictures, checking people out and just about everything else.  Thanks, Gina!

Thanks to all my lovely guests who came out for the party!  Hope to see you again next year!


Katie said...

Nice work Katie!

Amy said...

That looks like it was so fun! Sorry I had to miss it! I'll try to be sure to come next year :)