Tuesday, June 9, 2009

sharing a room!

Three more things checked off my list before the baby comes: 
  • Millie is in her "big girl" bed.  It actually is a really big bed for her - full size!  But Addie also started out in a full size bed and did just fine.
  • The girls are now sharing a room without too many problems.
  • The girls' room is now all decorated!  Enjoy the pics!
Here's the awesome new bed daddy made.  I'm so proud of him!  The only problem was that the only wall we could put the bed on covered up the beautiful tree my friend, peter marie, painted.  But it still seems to work - it just looks like the tree is growing up behind the bed... kinda like they're in a tree house.

My "artsy" wall - I made the painting on the left, and my crafty mother-in-law made the letters and the painting on the right.  The "paintings" are actually made of scraps of scrapbook paper.  We stole the idea from Pottery Barn Kids catalog.  My mother-in-law also made the cute aprons hanging from the hooks.  I painted frames around the paintings hoping to make them stand out more... also a stolen idea from PBK.
"A" is for Addie.  "M" is for Millie.

This part's still the same.  For those who don't know, my handy-man husband also built these shelves for the girls' toys.
This is the vanity my grandma gave me when I was little so I repainted it for the girls.
These are their growth charts.  Their names are above them formed out of wire - bought at a craft show.

Here's the nursery that is now empty...  *sob*  Now my next project is to paint all the purple on this wall blue.  But my super wonderful artist friend who painted the aforementioned tree offered to help out.  She must be a saint.  This wall took me about 25-30 hours to complete!

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