Wednesday, June 10, 2009

catching up with the hols

Okay, yes, when I start blogging, I really start blogging.  I'll go for weeks without time to post anything and then, BAM, you're hit with 3 posts full of pictures all in 2 days time.  Sorry to bombard you all of a sudden, I just finally had time to upload my pictures last night and thought I should get them on here.  These are some of my family from Memorial Day and this past weekend.  Enjoy! 
My dad and my niece, Ruby.

Look at that sheepish grin.  That's my brother Trent with little Ruby.
Sure loves her "Baba Cornie!"
Adeline LOVES holding her baby cousin, Taryn.  And surprisingly, Taryn doesn't seem to mind.

Here are the 3 cousins that were all born within 2 weeks time.  They love playing dress up.  Yes, even Kaiden got into it with dress-up shoes.  (Don't tell his Daddy I put these pictures on here...)
The men enjoying some good conversation around burgers.
Trent and Lydia just celebrated their 9th anniversary, so mom made them a giant cookie cake this weekend.
Millie loves Ruby!
Mom and Dad came back from Branson with rag dolls to make with the girls.  They loved making them with Nana Lois!
So, that's all the pictures for now.  I'll try to space these out better in the future...

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