Tuesday, June 9, 2009

my handy man

It's so nice being married to a handy man.  School has only been out one week and he's already finished three projects:  swingset, sandbox and bunkbeds!  He actually had the swingset and sandbox done before school was out and worked on the beds last week.  He did such a great job, I think he needs to open up a woodshop and make a little cash off of his skills.

Here my dad and Chad are putting the swingset together.  We got an amazing deal... the neighbors up the street got a new swingset and put their old slide, double swing, ladder and climbing wall out with the trash.  So Chad used our previous "east-side" skills (my Des Moines friends will understand) and raided their garbage.  
Just a side note that I've noticed since we moved to the "burbs" - in the city, we could put ANYTHING on the curb and it was guaranteed to be gone in 10 minutes or less.  In Ankeny, we put stuff on the curb and it sits there forever until our neighbors put in a complaint to the city.  (Hasn't actually happened yet...)
Trying out the "new" slide!
Just a swingin'!
So glad to see this smile... just last week she HATED swings!  Now she seems to love it!
Here's the slick sandbox Chad put together in just a few hours one morning.  We saw one very similar online for $250!  Do people really spend that much money on a few pieces of lumber?  Crazy!
Here's Chad with part of the bed he built.
I helped with the painting.
Millie and Addie were super excited!  They have so much fun playing in their bunk beds!  Not to worry - there are better pics of the bed in my next post with pictures of the girls' new "shared" room.


peter marie said...

All your new projects look awesome! I bet the girls love sharing a room. You should sneak in a recorder to catch what they talk about.

Jenn said...

That would be so cute to hear their little conversations!

I love all of your new projects. Chad did a great job!