Wednesday, May 20, 2009

free gifts? probably not...

Okay, so which of you keeps sending me free stuff in the mail?  

Actually, I haven't gotten my credit card statement yet, but I'm pretty sure these aren't "free."  In fact, so far they've all said something like, "This number (or phrase) will show up on your statement."  Hmmm... pretty sure I've never even heard of these companies.  

You see, Chad tried to use our card to get gas last week and it was declined.  He called the credit card company and they said our card had some suspicious uses on it, so it was closed.  Thank God for smart credit companies!  They mentioned a few charges, and one was a payment to "insurance sales" for over $100.   I don't pay our insurance by credit card.  Never have.  So, somehow someone got our number so we had to shut down our card.  Which is a pain since now we have to change our card number with the companies that we actually do pay with credit.  Sounds like it will hopefully be taken care of.  They're sending me a form with my next statement that I can write down which charges we didn't make.  I'm assuming that means we don't have to pay for them?  I hope...

So, anyways, since that has happened, I've received 3 packages that I didn't order.  The first two were for skin treatment and younger looking skin, which I've sent back and called to make sure we wouldn't be charged.  Is someone trying to send me a message about my skin?  The 3rd arrived today from Wu-Yi Source.  Haven't opened it yet.  Maybe there'll be a card in it saying it's a gift from someone.  

But probably not.

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steelrsfan said...

We had that happen too. Our credit card company told us the people who stole your number will make a bunch of small charges and if those work then a few days later they will start on the bigger stuff.