Friday, April 10, 2009

craft week!

I've been so tired lately that last week I felt I wasn't being a very fun mom.  So, I dubbed this week, "Craft Week" since I know the girls (especially Adeline) love crafts.  Each day of the week we did a new craft.

Monday was an easy one.  Since we needed to get some Easter eggs ready, we dyed eggs.  The girls loved it!  Addie had fun putting stickers on the ones for her room.  The rest are gracing our kitchen table.

On Tuesday I stuck the kids in the bathtub with tub paints.  They liked it so much that they were in the tub for over an hour!  They're quite the little Picassos.

Next was Easter Lilly day.  I had seen this craft in the Family Fun magazine and thought it looked like fun.  Unfortunately, I didn't realize how difficult it would be for a 3 year old to trace her hand and cut out leaves, so it ended up being mostly a mommy craft with a little assistance from Adeline.  But she made her own vase of flowers (on the right) by coloring flowers on paper and having me cut them out.  She taped them onto the straws all by herself.

She'd been begging to paint all week, so Thursday we got out her paints and she made tons of little paintings.  She's really into little things these days.

Today we got out the Sand Art gift we had gotten at Christmas and made some bracelets and a necklace.  Fun, but messy!

I know these weren't that creative, but it's hard to come up with crafts for a 3 year old that don't end up being done mostly by mommy.  Plus, I was still tired, and it was hard for me to stretch my brain far enough to think of anything really creative.  But the girls still enjoyed them!  If you have any fun, easy craft ideas, please pass them on!

Hope you all have a great Easter weekend!

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peter marie said...

I might have to get some of those bathtub paints-looks like fun!