Thursday, November 4, 2010

here i sit... my car with these two sweeties snoozing soundly in the backseat.

We've had a big day.

Tate needed a haircut:
Can you tell?

So we headed to Great Clips.  I think I could maybe do it myself next time, but this being my first boy, I had NO idea how to cut little boys' hair.  I've cut Chad's, but that's waaaay different.

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of Tate's first haircut because I had to hold him tightly while he was screaming (yes, literally screaming) and clinging to me for dear life.  Poor little guy.  Poor hairstylist. Poor everyone within earshot.

So after that traumatic experience, and since we had to be at a doctor's appointment soon and we were starving, I thought we all deserved a little Wendy's.
Tate checkin' out his new 'do.

And yes, that's a fry he's shoving into his mouth.  Don't judge me.  He had mandarin oranges too.  ;)

Millie thought she should show you what she was eating too.  There's a nugget in there.  Sorry.

And there's her "I was just being silly" smile.
Do her eyes look a little pink to you?  Hmmm... they are.  Can you guess why we were headed to the doctor?

 Yes, pinkeye.  Millie was officially diagnosed with it after an hour and a half of sitting at the doctor's office.  We don't have a very good record with longs waits at the doctor's office, but this time we managed to make it through without anyone peeing on the floor.  *whew*

So then we headed to Target and picked up Millie's eye drops (and a few 75% off costumes - hello, Christmas gifts?!)
And this is what I walked out the door with:
Good thing no one caught me stealing that little cutie in there (there's no way I could afford her!).

And on the way home, they both fell asleep within a few minutes.  So I pulled into the garage, kept the kid music playing, grabbed my laptop and brought it out to the car to get some work done while they slept soundly behind me.

Sorry to everyone at Cubbie's last night...  I hope I don't get lots of "evil eye stares" tonight at our Mom's group...


Julie said...

Can you feel the evil eye stare?! Cause I'm staring it at you right now!:)

H-Mama said...

such cutie-pies! we moms have to grab the bloggy opportunities when we can, yes? hope her pink eyes clear up soon!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

No evil stares here! Our pediatrician just gave us a ton of refills after the one time we had it.
Tate's haircut is super cute and Millie has the most beautiful eyes! (even when they're a little pink!)

Amy@My Front Porch said...

How much does Great Clips charge for a hair cut? I took Lily to Cost Cutters for her first hair cut the other day expecting it to be like 5 dollars and it was TWELVE SEVENTY FIVE! That seems like highway robbery to me for a kid's cut...but I don't know...maybe that's normal?

And no judgement on the french fries -- we enjoy an occasional Happy Meal ourselves -- and you balanced it out with fruit :)

P.S. such cutie pies you have :)

peter marie said...

Busy day, cute kids!
Hope Millie's eyes clear up!! And I selfishly hope no pink eye keeps you from our party...

Didn't you know that french fries are made out of POTATOES??

Emily said...

Your kids are always so cute! I hope Millie feels better soon; it looks like she managed to enjoy herself despite the pinkeye!

Amy Kramer said...

Oh so cute!! :) Did they give you extra eye drops for the siblings? When Carsen got pink eye last year, we ALL got it.
What's wrong with french fries for lunch? We have that every day!! ;)