Saturday, November 14, 2009

it had been waaaay to long...

Yes, definitely way too long.

Like about 10 years.


Ten years since I had been to the dentist.

We don't have dental insurance on myself or the kids because it's super duper pricey, so we just hope for the best.  But because of the no-insurance deal... and the fact that I'm 100% Dutch... I hadn't been to the dentist since when my parents were paying for it.  I mean come on, I brush my teeth.  That's all I have to do to maintain a healthy smile, right?
Nothing to worry about...

However, I was a nervous wreck.  I had just heard about a friend who had gone to the dentist after having her third baby and she had NINE cavities!  NINE!  And she was told it was from being pregnant and nursing 3 times.  
I guess that's not good for your teeth...  
Oh the sacrifices we make for our children...

So I was sure that I would have at LEAST five cavities. - and BIG ones.

However, God heard Adeline's prayers (she and Daddy prayed for me when I left)... and I only had one teensy weensy little cavity.

Thank you, Lord.  I could almost hear my wallet breathing a sigh of relief.

But being back in that "dental-work chair" (I don't know what it's really called) brought back so many unpleasant memories.  And it didn't help that this office was completely set back in 80's decor.  I mean COMPLETELY decked out in 80's decor.  Not even a *hint* of anything from this decade, or even the 90's for that matter!  The rooms were even color coordinated - the pink room, the green room and the blue room.  I was fortunate enough to get the pink room.  EVERYTHING in that room was pink.  From the walls to the carpet... even the patient's and dentist's chairs were pink!  I could picture how the conversation must have played out:

Dentist: Well, now that the walls and everything else in this room is pink, I think that's probably good enough.
Receptionist:  But doctor, when I tell the patients to go back to the pink room, how will they know which room it is unless the carpet is pink too?
Dentist:  You've got a good point there... Go ahead and order the pink carpet.  Oh, and make sure the carpet comes up onto the wall about 5 inches or so too.  Not sure why, I just think it would look interesting.

Yes, for some reason, the carpet even served as "trim" around the bottoms of the walls too.  Neat-O.

So, what did I learn from this visit to the dentist (besides that I can save money by using carpet as trim... a VERY cool tip...)?
That it pays to be Dutch.  I can save money by not having dental insurance and if I only have one cavity after three pregnancies, chances are I probably won't get that many more now, right? 

Oh, and also that I should probably floss more.  But don't they tell everyone that?

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Elizabeth said...

Congratulations to Katie's teeth! You survived three pregnancies, nursing, and all that junk food :-) So glad that your "retro" trip to the dentist was so surprisingly pleasant.