Monday, November 9, 2009

and the winner is...

(Otherwise known as Dawn)

Just so you know I'm not cheating, I assigned each entry a number and used to generate a random number and Dawn's number was chosen!

Dawn is one of my bestest girlfriends ever!  We first met at church in Grand Rapids, MIchigan when Chad and I were church-searching.  Our friends Chuck and Teri had us all over for dinner and games one night and we all became fast friends.  Every summer for the past seven years we've all gone on vacation together.  It started out with tent-camping, but as our families have all rapidly expanded we've moved to house-renting instead!  This past summer we went to Wisconsin, which you can see pictures of on this post.

So, congrats Dawn!  You'll be receiving a catalog in the mail soon (along with a very late birthday gift...)


Sarah said...

Yay! How cool is that!? And fun that it's one of your super good friends! Have fun, Dawn!

Elizabeth said...

I think my birthday gift (from you) is even MORE late.

Anonymous said...

Whoooo-hooo!! Katie, you just made my very bad day soooo good! What perfect timing! I have been thrown up on, pooped on, disrespected by a mini-me (Ana), and the list goes I can go to bed with sweet dreams of some bling...haha


Amy Kramer said...

Congrats, D-Lo! :)
I'm very happy for you... eventhough I'm a little jealous, too.... :(

:) JK