Tuesday, September 11, 2012

my big little boy

On August 24, my baby turned 3.
He was pretty stoked about it.
I was a little choked up.
I just couldn't believe it had been three whole years since I'd written this post and held his beautiful little newborn self in my arms.

Although I miss his baby-ness, I'm also embracing his newfound independence.  Especially in the area of  potty-training.  He'd been using the potty off and on since last summer, but extremely inconsistently.  I was tired of bribing him and cleaning up messes all the time.  I had tried all the methods that had worked with the girls - going cold turkey on the diapers, going pants-less, using a chart, prizes, etc. A wise friend told me to just wait until he turned 3 and it'd probably be much easier.  And she was right.  A few days after he turned 3, I said, "Okay, Tate.  You're a big boy now so you're going to wear undies today."  And he did.  And guess how many accidents he's had since (2 weeks later) - 
Actually one, because one of those was completely my fault (he told me he had to go potty, but I told him he didn't since he'd just gone... but he really did have to... oops)  And the other accident was just on day #2.  He's even been dry overnight every night!  I did make a chart for him, but turns out it was unnecessary.  He's been having fun putting the stickers on anyways.
So if you're having trouble potty training, maybe your little tot just needs to turn 3.  Worked for us!  And saved my sanity!  Now, after 7 years of changing poopy diapers, we're done for good!!! At least for our own children! :)

Another area of independence for this little guy is that he wants to do every single thing that mommy does.  Sometimes that can be difficult, but when it comes to decorating his cake, it's just downright sweet.

This was his small, "filler" cake.  For his real cake, he requested that it be a "football cake" (or as he would say - "hutbowl") which would be served at the upcoming big family party (which you'll see pics of later this week - don't get excited, it wasn't that fancy.).

He started out putting the M&Ms in a nice straight line on the left side.  Then he decided to try out his creative juices on the right side.  I think more ended up in his mouth than on the cake. :)

Mmm... mmm... good!

Some of his favorite gifts were his Razor scooter (thanks Nana & Papa!)

 And his new bike from us.  It even revs like a motorcycle!
And he wants to ride it every. single. day.  :)

Birthday #1 done.  Only 2 more birthdays and 3 more parties to go...

 Tate's birthday was the same day that Millie celebrated her upcoming birthday at school (since hers was 2 days later on a Sunday).  So she got to come home wearing this special hat.

Pics of her Rainbow Unicorn party to come soon!  
Sorry to my facebook friends who have already seen it.

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