Tuesday, August 21, 2012

we camped

Yes, on top of our galavanting around Michigan for a few weeks, we also found a little time to do some camping.  Upon returning from our Michigan vacation, we spent 6 days taking in the comforts of our home before we left for Lake Red Rock for a weekend camping adventure.

We were lucky enough to get a campsite right next to the playground.  So the kids could play whenever they wanted to!

Friday night, we spent some time chattin' around the fire.

On Saturday morning, Chad made us some yummy french toast and eggs.

Did I mention yet how hot it was while we were camping?  Pretty sure it was hovering close to 100 degrees! So we hung out in the air conditioning for awhile and played Sorry. 

 That afternoon, my parents came up to spend the rest of the weekend with us.  We escaped the heat by visiting the Lake Red Rock Visitor's Center.

There were lots of cool critters to see.

That night, my parents took us out to eat at The Pizza Ranch to celebrate my birthday.  That little Addie can eat fried chicken like no one I've ever seen.  I think it was around drumstick #6 that we quit counting.

Dad and Chad played bocce ball with the girls that night.  It was a pretty cut-throat competition.

Then we went for a little walk over to the bridge.

Tate liked looking at all the fishies in the water.

So did Odie.

After the kiddos went to bed, us adults hung out around the campfire.  Looks like Dad was telling a pretty serious story.  Either that or getting ready to backhand me.

Sunday was my BIRTHDAY!  After this many years I've sorta lost count of how old I am, but I think it's somewhere around 26 or so... ;)

Mom made my favorite cake - Angel food!  And the kids did a fabulous job decorating it.

Please pay no attention to my greasy face...  Did I mention it was hot?  ;)

We had a great time!

Such a good time, in fact, that we went home for another 6 days, and left again to camp for a week!  Chad's parents came down from Michigan with their camper and spent that Sunday through Saturday with us at Lake Red Rock again.  

Unfortunately, I didn't get very many pictures since I knew Chad's mom was taking a lot.  So, once I get those from her, I may just have to post those on here!  But here are some that I did get:

We had super hot weather again, but we still managed to get some bike riding in.  
Chad pulled these little cuties behind him.

Addie stopped along the way to take some pictures of the ducks.

In front of me:

Behind me:

The view from my bike basket.

We also did some fishing.

Once again, as in Michigan, the kids caught enough fish to provide us with another fish fry!

Wish I had taken more pics! We had such a great time, despite the heat!

After our week of camping, we relaxed at home for a few days before Chad had to be back at school.  And shortly after (last Wednesday), the girls started school too.  :(  But we'll save that for another post...


The Sneaky Mommy said...

Liz was right, you are a regular ol' Smokey Bear or Yogi Bear...or whatever bear lives in a campground! Looks like you had SO much fun! And a happy belated birthday because I'm sure I missed it! :)

Heidi said...

Looks like a fun camping trip...although, we go camping regularly so I do know what else comes with camping that isn't so fun - DIRT! Ha! Hope it was less filled with dirt than our last camping trip. ;) (I don't think I can even write a blog post about it because it might just be filled with really cute pictures, but lots of complaints...I've gotta work on my attitude.)
Happy Birthday you 26 year old! ;)