Saturday, July 3, 2010

our michigan adventure - part three

Welcome back to our super exciting journey in the lovely state of Michigan!

Incase you lost track, we're up to Wednesday now.  Wednesday was mall day because we heard it was supposed to rain.  But it didn't.  So we just shopped 'til lunch.

The little girls all dressed for shopping.

The big girls all dressed for shopping.
Like the matching black shirts?  It happens nearly every year on accident.  This year two of us did it on accident, so the third had to join in too!

The little boys.  Not dressed at all, but too too cute hangin' out in their diapers!

Enjoying the mall carousel.

Goin' on a date, Addie and Carson?

At least Addie's in the driver's seat.  Good girl.

Thursday we headed seven miles over to Sutton's Bay.  A super cute little beach town with lots of fun shops.
The sign says it all.

We tried to answer the age old question:  
How many kids can you fit in a phone booth?
Well, at least five.  But I'm bettin' on 12.

Sutton's Bay not only has great shops, but it also has a great park on a beach where we had our lunch and played awhile.

And of course we had to get our photo ops in:
Ana (3), Scott (22), Dawn (29) and Will (1)
...yeah, she's a cradle robber...  ;)

Teri (29), Cooper (3), Carson (5), Chuck (40)
...but trust me, he doesn't act his age...

Millie (2), Chad (39), Addie (4), Me (24), Tate (0)

One big happy family!
I think people thought we were running a daycare.

Thursday night we roasted marshmallows over the grill and enjoyed s'mores made with Reese's cups!  Yum!

Friday was our last day so we headed to Bar Lake.  Hands down the BEST beach to visit if you're ever in northern Michigan.  There's a channel connecting the little lake to the big lake - Lake Michigan, so you get the best of both worlds.  Warmer water in Bar Lake, a warm shallow channel for the kids to play in, and the big waves of Lake Michigan.  3 for the price of none.

Tate is fascinated with water.  He just splashes constantly.

The kids had fun burying Uncle Chuck.

So Addie decided to be brave and get buried too.
Cute.  But gives me the chills.

We'd been meaning to get a picture of all the kids together all week, but we finally got one the last night before they all went to bed.

This was the girls' sleeping arrangements.
A triple bunk!!  They loved it!  
And yes, mom, Addie was safe up there.  :)

I was really dreading our 11 hour drive home on Saturday.
Turns out, my fears were unnecessary.
Addie read almost the entire way, and played my iPod Touch a little.
Millie read and slept and played the iPod.

And Tate...
Well, this is what he looked like most of the way home.  Either sleeping or watching his silly sisters.  There was one time when he cried for about 10 minutes max, but he just needed to eat.  What an angel.

And guess how many times we stopped to let the kids out?


And that was for lunch!  Can you believe it?  I sure couldn't!  A true miracle, folks.

And there you have it.  Another successful, fun family trip to Michigan.

Can't wait for next year!


peter marie said...

Looks like an amazing time!! Love all pictures!

Teri said...

Wow Katie, you sure have old friends...I don't know how you stay so young. I am wondering about the fact that you got married when you were 21 and you are only 24 now AND have 3 kids DOES that work?

H-Mama said...

Can your 'really old' bloggy friends sign up for this trip next year? Looks like fun!

3 story high bunk? Wowzers. ;) S'mores with reese's? Mmmmm... I would 'so' gain 10 lbs.

These pictures will be really fun to look back on when the kids are older. Looks like great memories!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Wait, wait, wait...was that a typo? Is Chad REALLY 39?? Because he for sure does not seem like he is nearly 40!

une autre mère said...

Sorry I'm finally responding to this, Amy! No... Chad isn't 39, although I do like to tease him about his age since he is a whole 4 months older than me! Which I would like to say I really am 24, but that would be a big ol' fib too. I guess you'll just have to figure out our real ages... ;)

Amy@My Front Porch said...

I didn't even catch that you said your age was 24 -- I should have caught onto're not younger than me! :) You just look so youthful I didn't even blink an eye at that :)